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TB02-A bimetal thermal switch

TB02-A bimetal thermal switch with small size:
Normal closed type or Normal open type,
Snap action, automatic reset.
Normal closed type: cutoff at temperature rises. Normal open type: contacts closed (ON) at temperature rises
Contact rating: 3A/125VAC; 2A/250VAC; 3A/24VDC; 4A/12VDC
Thermal switch dimension: 12X5.4X2.4mm
Action Temperature: 50C to 155C

Application:TB02-A bimetal thermal switch are motor, fluorescent lamps, ballast, transformer, circuit boards, battery packs, etc.
  • TB02-A bimetal thermal switch

  • HC


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Snap action thermal protector , automatic reset type with UL. TUV compliant


Work principle:

TB02-A bimetal thermal switch is a temperature automatic response device, to protect against overloads or overheat in the appliance.

 Normal closed type:  cutoff at temperature rises.  

Normal open type: contacts closed (ON) at temperature rises


TB02-A series thermal protectors are used in motor, fluorescent lamps, ballast, transformer, circuit boards, battery packs, etc. for protecting against overload and over temperature in the application. 

Main features:

Snap action, normal closed, auto reset

 Contact rating: 3A/125VAC; 2A/250VAC; 3A/24VDC; 4A/12VDC
Thermal switch dimension: 12X5.4X2.4mm

Open Temperature: 50C to 155C,  in 5C increasement

Tolerance for open temperature: +/-5C

Cable:Stardard:AWG#22 UL3326 PE cable, 70mm long, special requests accepted
Approval: UL,TUV, Rohs compliant



Good quality, good price, prompt delivery guaranteed.

Cutoff temperature table:(reset temperature for reference)

Model Open temperture Reset temperture Model Open temperture Reset temperture
TB02-A-50℃ 50±5℃ ≧35℃ TB02-A-105℃ 105±5℃ 70±15℃
TB02-A-55℃ 55±5℃ 42±6℃ TB02-A-110℃ 110±5℃ 75±15℃
TB02-A-60℃ 60±5℃ 45±8℃ TB02-A-115℃ 115±5℃ 75±15℃
TB02-A-65℃ 65±5℃ 48±10℃ TB02-A-120℃ 120±5℃ 80±15℃
TB02-A-70℃ 70±5℃ 50±12℃ TB02-A-125℃ 125±5℃ 85±15℃
TB02-A-75℃ 75±5℃ 50±15℃ TB02-A-130℃ 130±5℃ 90±15℃
TB02-A-80℃ 80±5℃ 55±15℃ TB02-A-135℃ 135±5℃ 90±15℃
TB02-A-85℃ 85±5℃ 55±15℃ TB02-A-140℃ 140±5℃ 95±15℃
TB02-A-90℃ 90±5℃ 60±15℃ TB02-A-145℃ 145±5℃ 95±15℃
TB02-A-95℃ 95±5℃ 65±15℃ TB02-A-150℃ 150±5℃ 100±15℃
TB02-A-100℃ 100±5℃ 70±15℃ TB02-A-155℃ 155±5℃ 105±15℃


Switch body size: 12X5.4X2.4mm

Cable: stardard 70mm cable, special requests for the cable acceptable




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HC thermal protector02


Packaging & shipping






Storage Condition:

During the transport and storage, the packages can not be exposed to snows or rains, and should avoid strong force outside.  It shouId be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse.


Customers' special requests accepted. Pls contact us for more.



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